Have you tried to stop smoking using patches, gum, or other nicotine replacement methods? If so, you’ve probably seen that these aids don’t make the process of quitting much easier. Smoking cigarettes is more than just nicotine. In fact, nicotine clears your system in only a couple of days.

So why do people who are quitting using patches or gum report that their desire to smoke continues long after the chemicals are gone?

Smoking is a powerful HABIT, not an addiction.
If you smoke a pack a day and each cigarette is about ten puffs, you’re doing that action about 200 times per day. In order to quit smoking, you’ve got to break the habit and stop smoking.

Hypnosis is an amazing tool for working past habits. By helping you understand the habit and how you’ve reinforced the mental messages over the years, Newell Wellness Center can help you achieve the goal through our specialized program.

If you’ve ever quit for months or even years and returned to smoking, why is it you feel like it’s even harder to quit the second, third or fourth time around? Reinforcing that habit and you’ve linked up some new reason for smoking – for example, “I was doing really well until X happened.” Now your subconscious mind not only has a HABIT to break, it’s got a REASON you have to overcome for the habit you have to break. Secondly, when you quit and fail, you’ve built the neural pathways for that failure behavior. Basically, you’ve reinforced the difficulty instead of reinforcing the success.

Newell Wellness Center can help you stop smoking because our unique program addresses the place where habit occurs in your mind. Quitting with the help of hypnosis is easy and quick. We’ve got a 95% success rate, and we’ll guarantee it!

Are you ready?

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