You’ve probably heard it one thousand times, but if you need more reasons to quit smoking using hypnosis in only one hour, here they are.

Quitting smoking using hypnosis is an incredibly easy and empowering way to take back your health and your life. If you’re wondering whether or not quitting is worth it to you, take a look at some of the wonderful things that happen when you kick the cigarette habit for good.

1. Within one hour, you’ll feel healthier right away.

As soon as you quit smoking, your body will begin to eliminate the toxins you’ve accumulated from smoking for so very long. And after only twenty minutes, your heart rate will drop and your cardiovascular circulation will improve. Long term, this means you’ll live a better life… longer.

2. You’ll reduce your chance of having a heart attack or stroke.

Smokers have an increased incidence of heart attack, stroke, as well as other ailments. A smoker’s risk of dying from a heart attack is 2-4 times greater than in non-smokers.Even if you survive a heart attack or stroke, your quality of life will be instantly diminished. Smoking is the No. 1 leading cause of preventable disease and death in the U.S.

3. You’ll reduce your probability of having a serious illness.

Smoking contributes to lung cancer, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other debilitating lung diseases. Smokers also have increased incidence of high blood pressure, high levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol. Instead of turning to pharmaceutical drugs to alleviate these illnesses, quitting smoking gives your body a chance to heal itself.

4. You’ll smell better.

Often smokers don’t realize the overpowering smell that tobacco smoking has. Once you quit smoking, your clothing, hair, breath, home and your car will smell better. Your hands will even smell better.

5. You’ll look better.

Smokers are often plagued by yellowed teeth, wrinkles, and worn, saggy skin. Once you quit smoking, your teeth will be whiter and you’ll have fewer wrinkles, and you’ll give your skin an opportunity to heal itself.

6. You’ll breathe better.

Once you quit smoking, your lungs immediately begin to heal themselves from the tar, nicotine, and chemicals from smoking cigarettes. You’ll begin to experience better breathing capabilities, more energy, and less coughing.

7. You’ll reduce common illnesses.

Smokers typically experience more colds, coughs, ear aches, and other respiratory illnesses due to immune challenges of the toxic load from cigarettes. Your family that you smoke around will also be healthier and more able to fend off common illnesses.

8. You’ll save money.

No matter how little you smoke, cigarettes are getting more expensive every day. Figure how much you’ll save using this handy calculator.

9. You’ll feel empowered.

The accomplishment of quitting smoking is incredibly empowering, and hypnosis makes quitting so much easier than any other method. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with cravings or feeling like a failure because you smoked again when you told everyone you wouldn’t, you’ll start to wonder what else you can accomplish so easily.

10. You’ll have less anxiety.

Smokers often turn to cigarettes as a method of calming nerves, but a British study suggests that quitting smoking can actually decrease anxiety more over the long-term.

If you’re ready to quit smoking and take back your health, your wealth, and your personal power, let us know. Dr. Newell is ready to give you a free, no-cost consultation to help you find your own personal, individualized key to overcoming the addiction of smoking cigarettes. Just contact us to set up an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

I had lost hope that I would ever quit smoking. As much as I wanted to, I just couldn’t give it up. I was skeptical to try hypnotism but I was referred to Dr Newell by a friend who it worked for so I figured I would give it a shot too. All it took was 1 hour long session and I haven’t picked up a cigarette since! Words can’t express how grateful I am to Dr. Newell. He has given me my life back!

Wendy W.

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